Wednesday, 3 September 2008

Sadly Inevitable

In the wake of the recent revelation regarding the pregnancy of Sarah Palin's daughter, I must post again about a subject on which I have written before; the too-early sexualization of our kids. I recently spoke with a seventeen year old girl who was living with her boy friend. She found herself pregnant, and was torn about what to do, because she really didn't like the guy and was thinking about moving out. She mentioned she had seven other friends who were pregnant, many of whom weren't going to continue in their relationships with their babies' fathers, but who all planned to keep their children. Thanks be to God, none of them apparently had considered terminating their pregnancies, but it is an indication of just how ordinary the beautiful God-given gift of sexual intimacy has become. Intercourse seems to have become the new hand-holding.

Then, there is something sad, yet somehow unsurprising about this story. Here we read about a 15-year-old girl declaring herself to be bisexual. The head-shaker to me is that she "came out" two years ago. She would have been about 13! How does a thirteen year old girl come out as a bisexual? I might, tongue in cheek, say that thirteen year olds, to the extent that they are sexual at all, probably all have confusing feelings in different directions. But I really believe that in the case of this girl, there had to be some adult pressure, either societal or parental. For some reason she felt she had to declare her sexual orientation way before I believe a thirteen-year-old would really have done so of her own accord.

Off topic, but it's also interesting how the term, 'queer' has been embraced by the GLBT (a term which itself sounds like some kind of deli sandwich) community, almost like the formerly despised epithet, 'nigger' has been adopted by certain blacks.

Take Care

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sameo416 said...

This is one of my concerns with the normalization of 'anything' goes human sexuality. It's not just GBLT, I think the present state of the art is now 'GBLTT' which still excludes the 'gender benders' who are, apparently, of no particular gender.

Throw that 'anything' into a bunch of already sexually confused teens and see what happens...I'm guessing that less chaos is not the likely outcome.