Monday, 28 July 2008

Todd the "Bam"tist?

Todd Bentley has the latest "rivival" going in Lakeland Florida. The video above should make any discerning Christian wince. This is not the first such, "revival," nor will it probably be the last. I went to the "Toronto Blessing" a number of years ago and found it completely contrived. I watch televangelists like Morris Cerullo, Don Stewart and Peter Popoff and wonder how anyone can be easily taken in by such shenanigans. In fact, while I was writing this post, I Googled, "green prayer cloth" and found the Rev (!!!!!) Don Stewart advertising his "Biblical point of contact prayer cloth" (he names as his precedent, Acts 19:11-12) on a Franchise rating site!

Correction: The inclusion of the Don stewart prayer handkerchief on the franchise website was by the owner of the site (see comment below), as a satire (and a clever one, I might add), not by Don Stewart himself or his organization. My apologies to anyone who might have been misled.

H/t 2 Worlds Collide

More video on Todd Bentley here...

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Sean said...

I run the franchise rating site that proudly features Rev. Don Stewart's Green Prosperity Prayer Hankie. You misunderstood the context of the posting - it's actually better - and worse - than you thought.

Better because it's tongues-in-cheek. I saw Stewart on TV and wrote for my hankie. I posted it as a joke... when I point out a bad franchise investment, I say "You'd be better off investing in the Green Prosperity Prayer Hankie."
Here's why it's worse than you think: I am getting lots of earnest requests for the prayer hankie... So many that I'm considering becoming a rival preacher. I'll one-up Stewart with my Floral scented Prosperity Two Ply Prayer Kleenex.

John K said...

Thanks for the clarification. Just curious though, would your prayer kleenex be washable?