Monday, 7 July 2008

N.T. Wright on GAFCON

Bishop N.T. Wright gives a generally negative opinion of the recent GAFCON conference Here...
One point he makes that particularly leapt out at me was this,
The problem is that GAFCON is addressing (at least) three quite different issues:
b. The African sense that it’s time for leadership to come from black Africa rather than white N Atlantic;

It is either naive or disingenuous to paint this as a geographic issue. The issue is the defense of the unchanging truths of the Christian faith. The “white N Atlantic” (British, Canadian or American) leadership is rapidly demonstrating itself either unwilling or incapable of doing so. Leadership, therefore, MUST come from elsewhere… somewhere… anywhere!

Take Care
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David Jenkins said...

The truly sad thing is that N. T. Wright seems to have lost perspective on this: rather than admit that a new and undeniably exciting opportunity to present the gospel has emerged, he would rather cling to the old, familiar, impotent power structures.

John K said...

It occurs to me that people sometimes raise traditional hierarchy above traditional theology; traditional form over traditional content.