Wednesday, 28 May 2008

It Took Me a Week to Post This

We are beginning a study of the Minor Prophets on Wednesday nights at Edson Baptist. Tonight's was postponed until tomorrow night, but I will post something from Pastor Terry's notes from last week..

From the New Dictionary of Biblical Theology,
The prophetic books record both the largely unheeded prophetic announcement of divine judgment, made to a sinful and self confident people, and the prediction of salvation beyond the judgment, made to a chastened and discouraged people.

And from Pastor Terry's own notes,
It is to sinners that Christ came -- He makes His offer of rest to those who are weary and heavy laden. (Mt 11:28-30). The self-righteous, the self-satisfied have no part in this salvation. This makes the call of the prophets entirely consistent with the call of God in the New Covenant.

I post this basically without comment. I think it speaks for itself. But I can't help but feel it has significance in certain areas of Christianity today.

Take Care

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