Saturday, 31 May 2008

Court backs sacking man for casual cannabis use

Finally, a breath of fresh air from our judicial system -- a decision that makes sense.

From Here...
Canada's top court has backed a precedent-setting Alberta Court of Appeal ruling that a contractor acted legally in firing a worker who failed a drug test.

Actually, the Alberta Human Rights commission had shown some sanity in the matter by refusing to cowtow to the complainants whining victim mentality. But then...
In 2006, a Court of Queen's Bench overturned the panel's decision, ruling the effect of KBR's policy was to treat recreational cannabis users as addicts.

This is more what I would have expected for our courts in today's self centered society -- how dare we interfere with anyone's unfettered right to indulge himself in any selfish "pleasure?" How dare any employer not want "recreational cannabis users" as employees. However, the complainant's 'high' was short-lived...
Last December, the Alberta Court of Appeal overturned the lower court's decision, concluding that "extending human rights protections to situations resulting in placing the lives of others at risk flies in the face of logic.

Flying in the face of logic is something in which our courts have been specializing for quite some time. This is a refreshing change. Let's hope we see more.

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