Saturday, 17 May 2008

Cause For Concern?

An article on Edmonton's new Anglican bishop, Jane Alexander gives me pause.
"Basically, I'm a play-by-the-rules girl," the Rt. Rev. Jane Alexander said, noting that the national church last June rejected a motion touching on same-sex blessings.

To which rules does she refer: the rules of Scripture or the rules of the Anglican Church of Canada.

"At the present time the national church has said we're going to talk about this and we will vote again and look at this (at the General Synod) in 2010. And so that's what we'll do."

You can be sure that the way things are going, without a miraculous intervention by God (and we may certainly pray for that) the rules are indeed going to change in 2010.

Which rules will she abide by then? Decision time will surely come for for the faithful in the Diiocese of Edmonton as it has elsewhere.
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Take Care

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