Wednesday, 30 April 2008

United Church Observer backs... evolution exhibit

An exhibit at Toronto’s Royal Ontario Museum (ROM) celebrating Charles Darwin almost failed to open until an unlikely donor came through: the United Church Observer, the independent magazine of the United Church of Canada.
Read it here...

Hmmm... Interesting place to spend 40 grand.

Take Care


Dave G. said...


And talk about confusing speech:

“There is an inherent beauty in the theory of natural selection that illuminates the inherent beauty and wonder of creation,” he told the Toronto Star.

What is that?!

May we continue to fight for truth!

John K said...

"What is that?!"
I think the technical term for it is, "bafflegab," aka, "doublespeak," more commonly known as "nonsense," but perhaps more easily understood as, "I have no idea."