Thursday, 24 April 2008

Jesus Wept

A comment I posted on This Thread that I wanted to repeat here.

Jesus wept.
Yes, Jesus wept. He wept when he approached the pain and torment of crucifixion, but knowing he had to face them for the sake of the world. He knew that what he was about to endure was the only way to save those who are or would become his. He wept because he knew that only through what he was about to suffer could anyone ever realize forgiveness and a right relationship with the Father.

And may I be so bold as to surmise that he wept for all those who would refuse his free gift of forgiveness; for all those who arrogantly assumed that they were quite all right, thank you very much, and didn’t need it. Those who insist on living accountable only to themselves diminish this gift, indeed, negate it. They might as well have walked up to the cross upon which Jesus hung and spit in his face.

Dare I also think he might weep still for those who deny him: his Deity, his mother’s virginity, his sacrifice of death and his victory in a physical resurrection. For all those in dead churches who woodenly mouth the Creeds that affirm all of the above with their fingers figuratively crossed behind their backs.
In short, for all those whose behaviours, actions, thoughts and speech indicate their opinions that he died for naught, still he surely weeps.

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Dave Groff said...


I know what is happening in the Anglican Church is heavy on your mind. Thanks for your links and comments. I'm not into it as much as you, but I appreciate your updates.