Sunday, 13 April 2008

Double Edged "Green" Sword

Lorne Gunter writes in the Edmonton Journal,
It turns out the production of biofuels such as ethanol and biodiesel is likely to cause far more environmental damage than it prevents, not to mention triggering widespread famine and eating up more rainforest and grassland than beef production ever could.

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Of course the "green" devotees can never admit they might have been wrong, so the disastrous charge into the valley of error and potential disaster will continue headlong. There have been so much ideoligical dogma, as well as government and corporate money committed to it that it is practically impossible to turn around. And the longer the charge toward calamity continues, the more difficult it will be to correct.

They have shot not only themselves, but all of us in the foot.

Take Care


Anonymous said...

Husky bought 350,000 tonnes of grain last year which translates into 8 million pounds of pasta if it were just one grain. Anyway you look at it a tank of ethanol based fuel is probably depriving someone of a meal, in a long a round about way.

John K said...

Actually, the way is not all that long, and not really so round about.