Wednesday, 16 April 2008

The Church is Growing Somewhere, and it's Not Here

From the latest Anglican Network in Canada (ANiC) newsletter comes this encouraging report regarding church growth in Africa, the very church that the liberal, stagnating and shrinking North American churches accuse of standing in the way of their new, enlightened and non-Christian agenda:
Read Bishop Martyn Minns thrilling account of God’s working in the Church of Nigeria. He says in part, “Their church is alive and growing, they are planting individual churches and complete dioceses, people are giving, lives are being transformed and nobody seems surprised.” As examples, he tells us:
· “…they created eighteen new missionary dioceses (with) all of the resources to start these new dioceses... already in the bank.”
· “…(T)he seventeen missionary dioceses they created last year have already planted more than three hundred congregations and no one seems surprised.”
· “…the Church of Nigeria now has sufficient funds in its endowment fund that they no longer need any of the dioceses to pay any assessments. The Primate announced that the Province has enough income from the endowment to cover all of its operations. Each diocese is now encouraged to use the funds that they formerly passed along to the Province to plant more churches and create more new dioceses.”

Read it here...

See what happens when you hold to the truth? People see you are relevant.

Take Care

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