Sunday, 30 March 2008

Hour of Whose Power?

I happened to catch Robert Schuller's program on TV this morning. Now, generally I am rather neutral on Dr Schuller -- not in agreement with all he says, or the emphasis on his, "Possibility Thinking" ministry, but not vehemently against it either.

His theme this morning was, "Confident Living," and he used as his text, Philippians 1:6,
...being confident of this, that he who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus.
But he used the text more in the sense of what God can give us the power to accomplish in our lives.

Then a caption appeared on the screen,
Nothing can do for you what faith in God can do for you.

And he used the example of Tolstoy, who was driven to the verge of suicide before he came to faith in Christ,
Tolstoy came to faith in God and the rest of his life was fantastic.

And then this shocker,
If it could be proven to me that there is no God – that Jesus was a fake, and I could live my life over, what would I do? Even if I knew it was a lie, I would do exactly the same thing. Because of what it’s done for me – what it does for me. I would believe exactly the same thing because look what faith in God has done for me. I believe in something if it works.

You see, the object of his faith does not appear to be God, but faith in God. The whole purpose of faith as I heard it in his message today is not true biblical faith, but a means to a better, more successful life here, even if the object of this faith does not exist! The only reason for faith is not to glorify God, but what faith can accomplish for us,

And finally, to top it all off (unless there is a translation that actually reads this way, in which case I truly do apologize), he proceeds to confuse two verses of Scripture. He says, with his fist raised in the air for emphasis,
“You will be quoting another bible verse, 'I know whom I have believed and am persuaded…'"
...which is 1 Timothy 1:12

...and then makes that a part of Romans 8:29,30 …
"...that neither life nor death nor angels nor principalities not powers nor demons… etc."
And by the way, I believe he even misquoted that. I had the sense that he felt that the way he quoted it would be more effective than the original. In any case, it seems to me that someone who has been pastor of such a huge television ministry for thirty seven years should know, or at least regard scripture better than that.

The message is Here... (although I don't know how long the link will last.)

But I can't remember when I have seen a more brazen, or disappointing, misstatement of the message of Christianity than I saw this morning.

Take Care

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Eamon said...

Atheists can be really depressing people to listen to - although like everyone they are human beings, loved by God, with their own good natures. But Depressing. Plus I just think they are living in denial. I really think that a lot of atheists have been hurt at one point in their lives or another and reflect the capricious and cruel nature of man onto God (when of course, God is 100% love and goodness, although we all, as Christians, have our faith sorely tested at times).

God bless!