Saturday, 24 February 2007

The God Delusion

I was going to buy a copy of Richard Dawkins’, “The God Delusion” today, mainly just to refute it. Normally I don’t like to pay money for anti-Christian books or movies. For instance, I didn’t go to see “The DaVinci Code.” I’ll wait until it comes to TV, although even then I’ve heard it’s not really worth watching. But that’s beside the point. I just don’t like giving my ten bucks, or whatever it is, to people who are anti-Christian.

However, I went to our local library to see if they had it. They have one copy and it is out. There is a list of 51 people waiting for it.

So I was figuring: Edson has about 8500 people. Let’s say that half of them are adults; that’s about 4250 adults. So over 1% of this whole town is waiting for Dawkins’ book at the library, not including those who have already read it or already bought it.

Anyway, I went to the book store, prepared to compromise my principles if it cost less than twenty bucks. Am I ever out of touch as far as what hardcover books cost! The price was $38 and change. That made my decision for me. Not only did I not want to give Dawkins my thirty-eight bucks, he probably wouldn’t even tithe his share of it.

I’ll just have to see if I can borrow a copy.

Take Care

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