Sunday, 14 January 2007

Here are a couple of stories I’ve noticed recently in the news. I present them with a minimum of commentary.

B.C. Will Step In If Sextuplets At Risk
This story has been attracting quite a lot of attention. The government of British Colombia is threatening to step in and take care of sextuplets born to a Jehovah’s Witness couple. Now I’m not taking sides here. The JW position on blood transfusions is, of course, a gross misinterpretation of Scripture. But the funny (as in ironic) thing is that in any other case, if the babies had not yet been born, they could quite legally have been aborted, and I’m sure many of the same people up in arms over the JW’s religious beliefs would have been equally vociferous in defending the mother’s right to do so.

A 1 Timothy 3:5 Kind Of "Church"
In the Edmonton Journal, there was this story on the “Unity Church” which strikes me as some kind of fuzzy and warm “spirituality,” designed for anyone who wants to have a god made after their own image.

“Unity Church is part of the Christian New Thought movement. Its teachings are based on the Bible, but members don't hold that Christianity is the only path to God. Unity believes in the divinity of each person, a message brought by Jesus, the Master Teacher.”

They obviously disregard the message of the “Master Teacher” in John 14:6, “…"I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.”

Why don’t people get it?
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